Module 4: Talking the Environment in the Trump Era

Communicating in our current political climate.

Chapter 1: Communicating Through Chaos: The Rules of the Road

In today’s political climate very little goes according to plan.

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Chapter 2: Rapid Response 101

Strong campaigns have the ability to make decisions clearly and quickly.

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Chapter 3: Creating your Calendar

A clear understanding of your campaign calendar is essential when making decisions about when and how to disseminate key messages.

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Chapter 4: Understand the difference between messaging on owned, paid, and earned campaign assets

Understand the difference between messaging on owned, paid, and earned campaign assets.

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Chapter 5: Case Study

Learn how Pittsburgh Mayor Bill Peduto used the President’s speech about the Paris Climate Agreement to deploy his rapid response organization.

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Overall Course Recap

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Hari Sevugan

Hari Sevugan has played a leading role on some of the most-watched races in the country over the last decade. Named one of Politico's "Top 50 Politicos to Watch," Hari has led research, policy, and communications teams on numerous statewide campaigns, and, among others, helped to elect Tim Kaine and Martin O'Malley as governor. In the 2008 cycle, Hari served as a senior spokesman for Obama for America, where he helped lead the effort that worked to define primary opponents and later John McCain and Sarah Palin for the press corps.

After the Obama campaign, Hari was appointed national press secretary at the DNC. There, in addition to being the chief spokesperson for the party, he oversaw national rapid response operations for legislative, electoral, and political efforts. Hari is sought after for his political analysis and has appeared on CNN, FOX News, MSNBC and other major news outlets. In 2013, he helped guide a political campaign in Asia to victory and ran a high-profile campaign in the New York City municipal primaries. Hari is a Principal at 270 Strategies.

Supplementary Materials

Explore the additional resources below to help you develop your own campaign message.

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