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EDF Action Volunteers Uniting for Climate this Election Season

Five People Hold "Climate Voters, Unite!" Signs
EDF Action Members Turned Out for a Rally in Eau Claire, WI.


With Election Day just one week away, EDF Action members around the country are stepping up to support climate champions in close races.

Heeding our “Climate Voters, Unite!” message, more than 500 EDF Action members have volunteered for more than two dozen critical campaigns since Labor Day. These volunteers have been doing the important work of speaking directly with voters on the phone and at their doors, helping our climate champion candidates reach and turn out thousands of the voters they’ll need to win.

Many EDF Action members got involved after receiving a call or a text message from one of the EDF Action field organizers working since Labor Day in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and New Hampshire. Others got involved after participating in an EDF Action Climate Voters, Unite! Summit.

Two People Wearing EDF Action Shirts Pose for a Selfie in Claremont, NH.
EDF Action Members Canvass in Claremont, NH.


EDF Action and EDF Action PAC also set a new and ambitious goal for our organizations: to deploy members of our staff across the country. EDF Action staffers mobilized members in their communities to volunteer for climate champions and worked in candidate campaign headquarters on behalf of EDF Action PAC, keeping the focus on electing climate champions and raising the profile of the climate movement. We set a goal of dedicating over 20 weeks’ worth of our staffers’ time to whichever campaigns they felt most inspired to help, and we’re going to meet that goal, with dozens of EDF Action staff taking part in this effort and many more volunteering on their own time down the stretch. This is going to be an area of emphasis for us on the road ahead, and we hope and expect to scale this element of our campaign work dramatically in the election cycles to come.

After joining a phone bank to speak with voters in New Hampshire, Beatrice explained “I wanted to take action in a positive way.”

Vickie said about her experience going door-to-door to talk with voters, “I finished over half of my canvass area and enjoyed the three hours I put in.”

Thanks to Beatrice, Vickie and the hundreds of EDF Action members taking action this fall to elect climate champions.