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Meet Alejandra Vargo: EDF Action’s Organizer Building Grassroots Power for Climate Action in Nevada

Alejandra and an EDF Action Nevada volunteerAlejandra Vargo’s passion for organizing has been with her for years. From her background in law and campaigns, Alejandra developed expertise in problem solving, relationship building, and political advocacy. Now, in her role with EDF Action, she uses these skills every day to build and strengthen Nevada’s statewide movement for climate action.

Her approach to organizing is centered on developing authentic relationships with volunteers and supporting genuine community-building; “Social interaction and connection makes a big difference. I aim to make all my volunteers feel valued and important. These volunteers really are my friends.”

One volunteer leader, Charlie Cremer, first got involved with EDF Action over a year ago and now works with Alejandra regularly in Las Vegas. Charlie has always been concerned with protecting the environment; “I’ve cared about this issue since I graduated high school back in the 70s. When I retired 12 years ago, I had more time to engage on the issues I care about and really make a difference.” Charlie has supported EDF Action’s local efforts by attending advocacy events, making phone calls, and meeting with elected officials. As he puts it, “my super power is showing up.” 

EDF Action organizer, Alejandra, and super volunteer, CharlieSince August, Alejandra, Charlie, and a team of local activists have hosted tabling sessions at festivals and community events including Las Vegas’ “First Fridays” and Nevada’s largest Pride festival. When asked about her favorite memory during her time as an organizer, Alejandra mentioned an event in September with Representative Susie Lee. This event brought together a group of 15 constituents to meet with Representative Lee for a discussion on climate, clean energy, and how to move forward together. Alejandra planned the event from beginning to end; recruiting participants, creating materials, coordinating with congressional staff, and facilitating the conversation. 

Alejandra felt the power of creating an opportunity for constituents to meet with their representative. It was empowering and exciting for her to see volunteers engaged in a meaningful conversation on climate, and Alejandra aims to continue creating opportunities for constituents to make their voices heard.

As a climate advocate, Alejandra realizes the future of our planet is imminently threatened. She recognizes the costs of inaction, and is dedicated to fighting the climate crisis; “This issue is really scary, and we all have to do our part. I have young nieces and nephews, and I know they will have a very hard time in the future if we don’t act now.”

In Nevada, EDF Action continues to build a movement for equitable, powerful climate advocacy. Alejandra and the Nevada team are proud of all that they’ve accomplished in the past year—but there is still more work to be done. As the Senate moves to consider the Build Back Better Act, EDF Action is on the frontlines of the movement to pass this historic, transformative legislation.

We’re running a series of posts on EDF Action’s grassroots work and the organizers leading the charge in key states and congressional districts! Check back on Wednesday for our next installment in this series. To learn more about how to take action in Nevada, contact Alejandra at avargo@edfaction.org or join our Nevada EDF Action Facebook group.