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Build Back Better: What’s in it (for you)?

President Biden, working alongside congressional leaders, announced a deal that will make the Build Back Better Act the largest effort to combat climate change in American history. If passed by Congress, it will be a transformational $555 billion investment in our future. This is phenomenal and will forever change the energy landscape of our country.

But what’s in it, and how will it make a difference for you, your family and your community

First, it will cut a huge amount of climate pollution. The Biden administration estimates say it will [cut a gigaton (one billion tons) of climate pollution per year by 2030]. That is the level of cuts scientists say are needed to avert costly and devastating extreme weather events fueled by a warming climate in the coming decades.

It also will generate more jobs, reduce air pollution, lower energy costs for consumers and address long-standing environmental injustices.

Tax credits to help the U.S. renewable energy industry grow and make electric vehicles more affordable.

The world is moving to clean electric vehicles. No more trips to the gas station and lower maintenance costs. The Build Back Better Act means up to $12,500 for consumers when they purchase an electric vehicle. It also helps keep manufacturing jobs in America as this industry grows.

Investments in clean energy that produce savings for families.

With the Build Back Better plan, we will clean up power plants, one of the biggest sources of climate pollution, and help families reduce their energy costs up to $500 a year. The investments will also make our energy grid stronger — so we don’t have reliability problems like we saw in Texas last winter, and that countless communities experience firsthand as extreme weather events increase.

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Investments in communities hardest hit by pollution and climate change.

For too long, some communities — often Black, Latino, and Asian American neighborhoods — have borne the brunt of industrial pollution. A new Build Back Better program will guarantee that 40% of the grants issued for clean energy projects will be directed toward systematically underserved communities. The BBB plan will also fund electrifying our nation’s ports and trucking and bus fleets, and expand mass transit, all of which will drive down toxic air pollution that endangers the health and well-being of millions of Americans.

Helping communities and ecosystems build back better after disasters.

The Build Back Better Act prioritizes nature-based investments to help communities withstand future extreme weather events, from flooding and wildfires to droughts, and provides resources to help communities rebuild after these costly events. The plan also gives farmers, ranchers and forestland managers financial support to incentivize land stewardship that helps mitigate climate change, like planting cover crops and expanding reforestation efforts.

Congress can deliver real change — and real benefits for the American people. Let’s Build Back Better for more jobs, cleaner air, and a more equitable, sustainable future. The time is now.