Voices for Action

The Time to Act is Now

After a long summer plagued with extreme weather events – raging wildfires, extreme heat and intense hurricanes – now is the time to not only think big but also take bold climate action.

Right now, we have a once-in-a-generation moment to make the investments we need at the scale necessary to meet the climate crisis. Congress can seize this opportunity with the Build Back Better budget by making ambitious investments in clean energy and clean transportation. And it’s up to us to make sure our elected officials know just how important it is to act now and act boldly on climate solutions.

The cost of inaction is simply too high. That’s why we, along with our partners, are urging Congress to support provisions that will help make electric cars, buses and trucks more affordable and accessible; expand investments in clean electricity; modernize our electric grid; and deliver clean air and healthier communities, all while strengthening our economy and creating thousands of good paying jobs. As a Senate champion for clean energy recently said at a rally on Capitol Hill: “We can either be leaders or followers when it comes to the clean energy transformation that lies ahead.” I, and millions of Americans advocating for a better tomorrow, want to see the U.S. lead.

Black, Latino, Tribal, and impoverished communities continue to bear the brunt of the climate crisis, from all fronts: harmful climate pollution from heavy industry, devastating damage from weather-related events, unsafe, deadly levels of extreme heat…and the list goes on. But with serious investments being discussed in Congress, we have a real opportunity to not only address these harms head-on, but also bring new, good-paying jobs that will benefit communities for decades to come. Our work over the August recess and into the Fall has been about reminding lawmakers at every turn the tremendous public support that exists for bold investments in clean energy and climate solutions. And that voting for clean energy and a better environment is not just good policy but good politics. The stakes are high, and that’s why we are rallying our members across the country to make sure we don’t miss this big climate opportunity.

And man, has the EDF Action Climate Team been busy. They’ve attended lawmaker town halls to ask critical climate questions, held over 75 community and press events to reinforce all the benefits that come with investing in clean electricity and clean transportation.

Climate Team Organizer Jade with Rep. Bourdeaux

But that’s not all. EDF and EDF Action is running a multi-million dollar ad campaign in critical states all across the country to drive home just what’s at stake and how our country will benefit from bold investments in climate solutions. This includes digital ads and billboards to radio and tv ads spotlighting real people who work in the clean energy industry and who can speak to what these investments mean for our communities.

This is a once-in-a-generation opportunity. And we must seize it, because our planet and livelihoods depend on it. Because our children deserve it.

Together we can create a cleaner, healthier economy and environment. Join us today at www.EDFAction.org/bold