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EDF Action Climate Team Organizers and Volunteers Out in Force During August Recess

This is our moment. Our window of opportunity to make big and bold climate progress. And EDF Action Climate Team volunteers are out in force advocating in districts across the country for Congress to seize this opportunity to build a stronger economy and a healthier planet.

EDF Action members have been making the most of the August recess, when members of Congress are back in their home states. We held nine events to highlight the once-in-a-generation opportunity for Congress to address climate change and get Americans back to work accelerating our transition to clean energy and transportation. Sen. Bennet spoke with EDF Action members and supporters about electric vehicle infrastructure and manufacturing in Fort Collins, Colorado. In Michigan, the Climate Team partnered with NextEnergy and Dream Corp to hold an event at Wayne State University with Representative Tlaib to showcase an on-site smart home equipped with bi-directional charging, electric vehicle charging stations and a revolutionary mico-grid. At the former Bethlehem Steel plant in Pennsylvania, representatives from Mack Truck and IBEW Local 375 were joined by more than 50 local residents and civic leaders to talk about bringing green jobs to the Lehigh Valley. And in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina, we partnered with Southern Alliance for Clean Energy to give more people the opportunity to test drive electric vehicles and speak up for bold climate action.

With so much on the line, EDF Action volunteers braved the heat this August to ask their representatives climate questions at town hall meetings and to collect petitions at festivals and public events like First Fridays in Las Vegas and Hullabaloo in Flagstaff, Arizona

Climate impacts are no longer far off in the future, they’re here now and wreaking havoc on our communities.

EDF Action Climate Team field organizer Tina Catron in Michigan spells it out. “The recent IPCC report makes it clear that we can’t squander this opportunity. We need Congress to take bold action, and soon. But we can’t do it alone. There is power in numbers, and every day more and more volunteers are joining this fight, because they understand what’s at stake — a better future with good paying jobs, cleaner air and a healthier environment.”

I’ve been thrilled this August to see EDF Action members like Peg Church in Pennsylvania using their voices to make sure that members of Congress know just how important it is to build back better with bold climate investments front and center.

“As an elementary school counselor, I have seen firsthand how climate pollution in our air from cars, trucks and buses harms the health of our children and their futures. We need to build a cleaner planet and a healthy economy with serious climate investments that put our children and our communities first. Congress has a real opportunity to do this now, with bold investments in a clean economy,” EDF Action Pennsylvania member Peg Church.

Now is the time to act. Join the fight at www.edfaction.org/bold