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Poll of swing districts: Rebuilding with clean energy investments is popular across party lines

As the COVID-19 pandemic rages on, a growing chorus of voices are rallying behind the idea that clean energy investments could help rebuild a better, stronger American economy, with good jobs that reduce unhealthy pollution. And recent polling shows that Democrat, Independent and Republican voters in swing districts are strongly in favor of those investments.

Broad, bipartisan support to rebuild America’s economy with clean energy investments

A new poll conducted in 29 swing districts* by Morning Consult, and commissioned by EDF Action, found widespread belief across party lines that investment in clean energy would have a positive impact on the U.S. economy, as a response to the recession brought on by the coronavirus.

Overwhelming majorities of Republicans (80%), Democrats (91%) and Independents (83%) in these districts all said they support U.S. investment in clean energy. And clear majorities of Democrats (87%), Independents (68%) and Obama + Trump voters (71%) in these swing districts say they support investment in clean energy specifically as part of Congress’ efforts to address the economic impacts of the coronavirus pandemic. Half of Republicans (56%) and Mitt Romney voters (51%) said the same. Overall, 70% of voters in swing districts support Congress including clean energy investments in Covid-response stimulus packages.

A number of specific proposals saw strong support across party lines: 

  • On the possibility of funding and tax incentives to support electric vehicles and charging infrastructure — including low-carbon public transit and American-made, zero-emission trucks — Democrats (77%) and Independents (51%), and Republicans (40%) expressed support.
  • Clear majorities of Democrats (76%), Independents (67%) and Republicans (64%) supported modernizing the electric grid.
  • Majorities of Democrats (83%), Independents (66%) and Republicans (57%) supported investing in clean U.S. manufacturing programs to support a more sustainable industrial sector.
  • Additionally, a majority of Democrats (77%) and Independents (59%), and nearly half of Republicans (47%) supported funding programs to reduce methane pollution and groundwater pollution by plugging abandoned wells

Democrats, Republicans, Independents agree: clean energy investments = local economic growth

Swing voters are confident the economic benefits of clean energy investments will reach their own communities. Two thirds of Democrats (68%), half of Independents (51%), Republicans (46%), and Obama and Trump voters (49%) in swing districts predict that today’s investments in clean energy will have a positive impact on their local economy. 

And Democrats (+36), Independents (+17), and Republicans (+3) are all net likely to predict environmental policies to address climate change will have a positive impact on their local economy.And the swing district voters were optimistic investments made now will pay off later – at least half of voters in swing districts predict that in five years today’s investments to address climate change will have a positive impact on their national (56%), state (53%), and local economy (51%).

Our country faces a long, hard road ahead. But elected leaders in these districts and elsewhere should recognize that voters want clean energy investments to be front and center in any recovery package. 

* Swing districts included in the poll: AZ-01, CA-21, CA-25, CA-48, GA-06, IA-01, IA-03, IL-06, IL-13, IL-14, ME-02, MI-08, MI-11, MN-02, NJ-02, NJ-03, NM-02, NV-03, NY-11, NY-22, PA-01, PA-08, PA-10, SC-01, TX-07, TX-22, VA-02, VA-04, VA-07