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WARNING: This government will be hazardous to your health

Congress is moving to pass a suite of bills that could decimate our nation’s system for crafting public safeguards like safety requirements for airplanes, food safety, and toxic air pollution. These bills, advanced under the misleading name of “regulatory reform” sound innocuous, but they would dramatically increase red tape and industry lobbyist influence – eviscerating bedrock statutory protections for American communities.

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If the Regulatory Accountability Act were to pass, the development of any new protections – new clean air protections, new food safety requirements, new care standards for veterans, new child safety regulations – would be subject to a range of needless additional hurdles.

Important safeguards would face time-consuming, costly new burdens – burdens that would fall on the public, on businesses, and anyone trying to participate in the decision-making process.

These additional, costly hurdles will give powerful interests that can afford expensive lawyers a leg up in the rulemaking process – allowing them to delay and obstruct protections they don’t like, as well as boosting their chances of fighting in court – while tilting the playing field against everyone else.

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