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Who is Scott Pruitt?

President-Elect Trump's pick to run the Environmental Protection Agency — Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt — sided with polluters who gave millions to his political agenda. His repeated collaboration with major polluters undermines confidence in his ability to stand up for everyday Americans as EPA Administrator. Soon, he might hold the highest environmental seat in our country.

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Major news outlets have begun to unravel his history of hazy ethics:

Learn about Scott Pruitt's web of fundraising and law suits: We've also compiled information on the 14 times Scott Pruitt has sued to block clean air and water safeguards from EPA, the agency he has been nominated to lead. New research shows that in every suit except one, at least one of Pruitt's co-litigators contributed to Pruitt's campaign or a political action committee affiliated with Pruitt — directly, or via an employee or member.

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We can't afford to stay silent on this nomination. Help get the word out, and let the American people know that President-elect Trump's pick to run the EPA sided with polluters who gave millions to his political agenda.

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