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The American people deserve better

EPA Administrator Pruitt is threatening the health of America’s children by attacking critical protections, trying to slash EPA’s already-low budget, and cozying up to industries he regulates.

Tell Pruitt He’s Fired

EPA administrator Pruitt has shown little interest in protecting the environment or our health. On the contrary, his attacks on environmental safeguards are constant, he proposes taking an axe to the agency’s budget, and his ethics issues have revealed a man more concerned with advancing his political career and the interests of his associates than protecting American families. It’s far past time for Pruitt to go.

Tell Trump Pruitt must go

Pruitt epitomizes the swamp

Scott Pruitt

At EPA Pruitt is prioritizing polluters over human health.

Scott Pruitt’s tenure at EPA has been marked by scandal, coziness with polluter lobbyists, and attacks on clean air and water safeguards.

Hard questions for Pruitt

We need Congress to take their oversight responsibility seriously and hold Pruitt accountable.

What’s at risk if EPA’s budget is slashed?

Deep cuts to EPA proposed by the Trump administration for the second year in a row would jeopardize Americans’ health and safety by reducing the funds that would address pollution including lead, toxic waste sites, contaminated water, and much more. The result will be more asthma attacks, more toxic pollution in our communities, and more dangerous chemicals in our drinking water.

LA then

Before the EPA and our bedrock environmental safeguards there was more smog in our cities, more pollution in our water and less assurance our families were protected.

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Tell Pruitt he’s fired

Pruitt's agenda is totally against EPA’s mission to protect the environment and human health. The American people deserve better.

Tell Trump Pruitt must go

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