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We need leadership on climate

As the impacts of a changing climate are increasingly visible, support for addressing this issue is growing across the country. Given the scale of the challenges, Congressional action to advance climate solutions is critical.

Congress: Support the Climate Action Now Act

H.R.9 represents a much-needed step toward reaffirming U.S. leadership in addressing climate change.

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The increasing cost of extreme weather

Hurricane flooding

Climate change puts our families and communities at risk by worsening wildfires, increasing the severity of hurricanes, exacerbating drought and causing record-breaking heat waves, and more.

We cannot allow our Congressional leaders to ignore these increasing threats to our health, safety, and economy.

How does climate change impact your state?

Americans support action on climate

Diverse voices back solutions

Even as the Trump administration moves backwards, diverse and powerful companies and groups across the country are speaking out on the need to address climate change.

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