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An important part of our work is raising awareness and promoting action through print, online, radio and television advertising campaigns.

2014 ads

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Cory Gardner: With Big Oil, Not Us

This 30-second campaign ad ran in Colorado.


2013 ads

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"Unlimited Pollution Isn't Good for Any of Us"

These ads point out the harm of unlimited pollution and ask, "Should we have reasonable limits on carbon pollution from power plants or no limits at all?"

The following ads (based on this one) are intended for:

You can also view the ads that were displayed around the Union Station Metro stop in Washington D.C.

"I Will" Act on Climate Change

These 30-second TV ads discuss the effects climate change is having on local communities, and calls on people to act against climate change.

Cut Pollution (Storms & Asthma)

Support the President's plan to cut climate change pollution.

Cut Pollution (Wildfire & Drought)

Support the President's plan to cut climate change pollution.

Cut Pollution (Damage & Heat)

Support the President's plan to cut climate change pollution.

Reduce climate change pollution

Following President Obama's first State of the Union address as a re-elected President, EDF launched a multi-state TV-ad campaign urging viewers to support the President’s call to reduce climate change pollution.

Support Gina McCarthy's nomination to lead the EPA

Support Gina McCarthy's nomination to lead the EPA. She's a highly qualified, widely respected public servant with a reputation for fairness and bi-partisanship.

Thanks for putting politics aside to support clean air for our kids

Thanks to the senators who put politics aside to support clean air by voting to confirm Gina McCarthy to lead the EPA

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2012 ads

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Thank You, Senator Ayotte!

When Senator James Inhofe's (OK-R) dirty air resolution came to the floor Senator Kelly Ayotte (NH-R) stood up for clean air.

In partnership with Mom’s Clean Air Force

Fairness for Tennessee

Senator Lamar Alexander is helping to ensure cleaner air for Tennessee families by making sure out-of-state polluters clean up too.

The RESTORE the Gulf Coast States Act

Radio ad urging Florida voters to support candidates who support the RESTORE Act.

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2011 ads

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The House sided with corporate lobbyists to block limits on mercury pollution.

Thanks for helping our kids breathe easier

AEP: The Bad Example

This ad shows the public pressure building against AEP's outrageous dirty air bill.

Clean air laws keep kids safe

Dr. Bob Sears, pediatrician and co-author of The Baby Book and The Portable Pediatrician, speaks out against weakening our clean air protections. EDAF also placed billboards in key districts to reinforce the message: don't side with lobbyists, keep our kids safe.

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Protect America's Clean Air Rules

In a series of powerful ads, EDAF challenged several bills and amendments to weaken America's clean air rules despite the known damage from air pollution: 50,000 American lives cut short each year and increased hospital admissions and asthma attacks, especially for children and the elderly.

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Mercury and Children

When the House of Representatives decided to side with corporate lobbyists and block limits on harmful mercury pollution EDAF held the House and individual representatives accountable for their actions.

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2010 ads

See our 2010 campaigns

Air Pollution

This ad ran in response to Missouri Senator Kit Bond's move to block new air pollution rules.

Read why EDAF ran the ad

Thank You, Senators

This ad series thanks Senators Kerry, Lieberman, Snowe and Stabenow for fighting for changes that will cut imported oil and create American jobs.

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Television ad series asks Senators to live up to their own words and help pass a strong clean energy bill.

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radio ad

A Moment to Put Words into Action

In a series of radio ads we urge Senators to act on their own words on energy independence and clean energy by passing a comprehensive climate and energy bill.

Listen to the ads [MP3 format]:

radio ad

A Time to Act

We are confident Senator Reid and his colleagues will opt to take the best ideas from all the major proposals and craft legislation that puts a strong limit on carbon pollution and drives the innovation necessary to create millions of clean energy jobs for America.

Download the ad [PDF]

radio ad

Thank You, Senators Collins and Snowe

We thank the Maine Senators for their support on climate with an ad in their own words.

Download the ad:

No to Big Oil

Thank You for Saying "No" to Big Oil

We thank the Senators who had the courage to say "No" to big oil and chose to protect the Clean Air Act.

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radio ad

Polluter Bailout

We ask Senators to vote "No" on a polluter bailout that would gut the Clean Air Act.

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radio ad

Tough Choice

In a series of radio ads we urge Senators to keeping fighting for a real limit on global warming pollution.

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Pick Your Poison

Pick Your Poison

These ads in the Washington Post and Politico sent the message that we can keep polluting our oceans and financing militants...or we can pass a clean energy and climate bill and move toward a clean energy future.

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Thank You Senator Collins

Thank you Senator Collins

We thanked Senator Susan Collins for working across party lines to find energy and climate solutions.

Download the ad [PDF]

Heroes of the Next Recovery

Heroes of the Next Recovery

Businesses are ready to hire new workers and spark an American renewal, but they can't do it without leadership from Washington. Blocking a real clean energy bill will kill the jobs they're working to create.

Download the ad [PDF]

A Question of American Leadership

A Question of American Leadership

This ad in the Wall Street Journal and Politico demonstrates the broad support for climate legislation with surprising partners like the Christian Coalition, Michelin, Campbell's, the AFL-CIO, Toyota, Owens Corning, and Whirlpool joining environmental groups like EDF to urge Congress to preserve American leadership through national energy and climate legislation.

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2009 ads

See our 2009 campaigns

Glaciers of the Himalaya are Melting

The Glaciers of the Himalaya are Melting

EDF and the Asia Society partnered on a full-page New York Times advertisement featuring dramatic photos of rapidly melting Himalayan glaciers, highlighting threats to Asian water supplies from climate change.

Download [PDF]

Get Past the Old Lies

Silicon Valley Moving Forward on Clean Energy

Leading Silicon Valley business groups call on the Chamber of Commerce to change its extreme position on climate and energy legislation and embrace a market-based cap on carbon pollution.

Download [PDF]

Get Past the Old Lies

We ask Congress to get past the old lies of big oil and pass a clean energy bill that works for America.

Holding Them Accountable

We hold representatives accountable for bowing to special interests and voting against clean energy and fewer oil imports.

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Help Small Businesses Create Jobs

Help Small Businesses Create Jobs

We help give voice to small business owners that want Congress to help them create jobs by passing the American Clean Energy and Security Commission.

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Stand Up for Common Sense

In partnerships with League of Conservation Voters and Republicans for Environmental Conservation, we ask key Congressmen to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

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Rise Above Partisan Politics

Reverend Dan Boone urges federal leaders to rise above partisan politics and address the global concern of climate change.

Faces of Climate Change in Florida

Alfy Fanjul and J. Pepe Fanjul, principals of Florida Crystals Corporation, teamed up with us to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

Thanking Representative Zack Space

In partnerships with American Electrical Power, we thank Congressman Zach Space (OH-18) for supporting the American Clean Energy and Security Act.


As a member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership we participated in several ads thanking members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce for their work on the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

Smart Cap

A Smart Cap

Utility executives Jim Rogers of Duke Energy and John Rowe of Exelon joined us to show their support for a smart cap on carbon pollution.

Watch Rowe and Rogers' ads supporting a smart cap

Cap Carbon

Cap Carbon, Unleash Innovation

As a member of the U.S. Climate Action Partnership we participated in ads urging the House Committee on Energy and Commerce to send the American Clean Energy Security bill to a floor vote.

Download [PDF]

Cap Carbon=Hard Hats

Carbon Caps = Hard Hats

Mayor John Fetterman of Braddock, Pennsylvania teamed up with the United Steelworkers, Blue Green Alliance and Environmental Defense Action Fund to show how a carbon cap will create jobs and bring prosperity back to hard-hit manufacturing towns.

Watch the Carbon Caps = Hard Hats ads and clips

Cotton, Corn, Carbon

Cotton, Corn and...Carbon?

In partnership with the Agricultural Carbon Market Working Group we promoted the economic opportunities of a carbon cap for farmers and livestock producers and urged them to have their representatives support a carbon cap.

Download [PDF]

Home of the brave

Home of the Brave

In these radio ads we urged Americans to make the brave choice for our kids by standing up to climate change and asking Congress to support the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

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New Jobs Less Oil

New Jobs and Less Imported Oil

We responded to scare tactics and false statistics circulated by carbon cap opponents with this campaign urging key committee members to recognize the job opportunities and manageable costs of capping carbon.

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Not on our watch

Not on our Watch

We urged key members of the House Committee on Energy and Commerce to put jobs and America's future first and support the American Clean Energy and Security Act.

Download [PDF]

Respect for science

Respect for Science + Respect for Law = Stronger America

We joined our peers in the environmental community to thank President Obama and EPA administrator Lisa Jackson for following science and the law in finding that greenhouse gases pose a threat to public health.

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Older ads

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American Manufacturers

CEOs say fixing climate change will create jobs.

Governors take the lead on climate change

Governors say it's time for Congress to address climate.

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