Voices for Action

  • EDF Staff / Published February 20, 2018

    Under the pretense of rebuilding our nation’s infrastructure, President Trump’s recent plan guts health and environmental protections that guided major construction projects for 40-plus years.
  • EDF Staff / Published February 1, 2018

    As Trump praised the accomplishments on tax cuts, trade, the economy, and jobs over the past year, I couldn’t help but see the other side: the opportunities we’re missing and the jobs we’re giving up- now even more so.
  • EDF Staff / Published January 30, 2018

    Under the radar attacks on mitigation policies right before Congress releases a new infrastructure bill will compound the damage inflicted on our environment.
  • Keith Gaby / Published January 29, 2018

    Trump is trying to give e the impression that the EPA had gotten too big and costly. Not surprisingly for a president who just told his 2,000th lie in less than a year in office, this rationale is flat-out wrong.
  • Keith Gaby / Published January 17, 2018

    For those feeling exhausted by the idea of spending three more years facing these serious threats, it’s good to remember that we can win. In fact, in the last few weeks we’ve scored four significant victories for public health and smart energy policy.